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Accounting and Auditing – Westbrook & Co., PC provides accounting and audit services to all sizes of government, non-profit and private businesses. Depending on the end users; the engagement may take the form of preparation, compilation, review or audited financial statements.

Audit Approach

We believe that it is necessary to maintain a small staff of highly experienced individuals in order to provide quality audits.  This is a result of our understanding of the highly specialized areas which are encountered in audits.  Our audit staff has an average of 10 years of experience.  As a result, you will not need to train our staff on auditing issues.

All audit staff have experience in performing audits in accordance with the Single Audit Act, Government Auditing Standards and OMB Circular A-133.  Extensive experience has been acquired by our staff in audits under all major federal government branches.

We also believe that each audited entity should receive something from their audit other than just a “rubber stamp” of approval.  For this reason we place a great amount of effort in our report to administration which includes recommendations regarding internal controls and operational issues.  We will

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