Kansas City Earnings Tax Refund

If you pay Kansas City Earnings Tax and you expect to receive a refund then you have new steps to follow this year. You should have received a postcard from the city in the mail. On March 14 2022, Kansas City council passed ordinance Section 68-393 that says starting this year if you pay the city’s earnings tax and you’re due a refund, you will have to file a separate petition with the city to get it. The ordinance was designed to keep the city in line with state law. Taxpayers must submit to the Revenue Division a completed notice of earnings tax payment under protest (Form RD-PUP). This form can be completed and submitted electronically through https://quicktax.gentax.net/KCP/TAP or by mail. Paper forms submitted by mail must be signed and notarized. Forms submitted electronically do not need to be notarized. Attached, please find a copy of the Form RD-PUP for your reference. If you have questions or need assistance completing the Form RD-PUP please contact our office.

Sec. 68-393.  Refunds.

(a) No refund of tax, penalty, or interest paid shall be issued in the absence of a protest made and sustained pursuant to the requirements of section 139.031, RSMo.

(b) Except as provided for in subsection (a) of this section and 68-395(7), in the case of any overpayment of any tax under this article, the commissioner may credit and apply the amount of such overpayment against any uncontested delinquent tax liability of any type whatsoever owed by the taxpayer to the city, and within the period of limitations for collection.

(c) Where, in any case, conflicts occur between the provisions of this section and any regulation applicable to the same area, the provisions of this section shall govern and prevail.

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